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We only have one planet – and we have to protect it!

In Germany, the shutdown of lignite-fired power plants over the next few years and the shutdown of nuclear power plants by 2022 will finally indicate a trend-setting change in environmental policy. Another important step is to rethink and switch to electric in the car industry and in passenger and freight operations. These innovations require more and more electrical energy. However, the only appropriate implementation of these environmentally friendly measures can only be guaranteed if the required electricity comes from renewable energy sources.


MRB Handels GmbH would like to work together with its customers on an environmentally friendly way and to promote the change in thinking.

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The MRB Handels GmbH

… is an independent trading and advisory company specializing in the environmental and commodity markets, which is based in Munich, Germany. As a broker we act as an intermediary for a wide range of participants within the industry and are specialised in matching buyers and sellers in whloesale European energy markets. We are committed to provide our clients with the best possible solutions combined with excellent customer service.


The key to success in this industry are our network and knowledge, which are provided by our dealers on European markets. A wide international network and good trading relations with European electric utilities, industrial companies and carbon traders allow us to provide a competitive access to the European carbon markets for our opposite party.







Guarantees of origin (GoOs) are electronic documents certifying the origin of the electricity and finding that the electricity comes from renewable sources. GoOs certify how and where electricity was produced from renewable energies. For each MWh of electricity from renewable sources a certificate of origin is issued. Each time a GoO is redeemed, the end customer is assured that 1 MWh of electricity has been generated or brought into the grid in an environmentally friendly manner. Once redeemed, the proof of origin becomes invalid, ensuring that this quality can only be sold once.


The market for Guarantees of Origin for electricity from renewable energy sources is characterized by diverse product variations and labels. As a trading and brokerage company, MRB Handels GmbH can offer you many opportunities for the purchase and sale of GoOs. Sound knowledge and an international network enable us to develop optimal solutions for our customers.


The driving force against climate change is the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). For every ton of CO2 a valid certificate must be presented. The EU ETS includes for example power generators, airlines and factories.

To reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of industrial companies, many incentives have been set. Meanwhile, the EU ETS has become a leading international market for CO2 and other greenhouse gases at the corporate level. Carbon dioxide emissions from 31 European countries are limited by the EU ETS. Free Emission allowances are partly split between different companies. In addition certificates are being traded. The annual free distribution decreases more and more, while the share of auctioned allowances is rising. Because of this, trading is becoming more important. MRB Handels GmbH offers you access to exactly this market.

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MRB – our Goals

We have made it our goal to establish long-term business relationships with our customers and to create an optimal working environment. We want to support you in all areas of buying and selling in the energy industry.


Our paths to lead the goal:

– open and flexible way of working
– excellent customer service
– creative thinking

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with us you get the optimal access and the best information about the market.


one trader for gas, electricity and renewable energy certificates.

we are your ideal partner - everything from one source!

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with us you get a fair and wide access to the market. We look forward to you!

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