Trading with renewable Energy

Guarantees of origin (GoOs) are electronic documents certifying the origin of the electricity and finding that the electricity comes from renewable sources. GoOs certify how and where electricity was produced from renewable energies. For each MWh of electricity from renewable sources a certificate of origin is issued. Each time a GoO is redeemed, the end customer is assured that 1 MWh of electricity has been generated or brought into the grid in an environmentally friendly manner. Once redeemed, the proof of origin becomes invalid, ensuring that this quality can only be sold once.


The market for Guarantees of Origin for electricity from renewable energy sources is characterized by diverse product variations and labels. As a trading and brokerage company, MRB Handels GmbH can offer you many opportunities for the purchase and sale of GoOs. Sound knowledge and an international network enable us to develop optimal solutions for our customers. Please contact us in case you want to buy or sell GoOs.